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Triple K Boogies Heza BTU Impulse


Sooty Buckskin with amber colored eyes - He has the best personality I have ever seen in a stallion.  You can walk up with a halter and halter him anywhere in the pasture.  He is a "talker" and always greets me when I go into the pasture.  He is a proven stallion producing 2/1 fillies to colts. He is a definite size reducer.  He has been trained to drive, but really doesn't enjoy it...according to him, he already has a job and that is to be a herd stallion.  For Sale: $2000

AMHR 281739A AMHA: A 178120
Foaling date: 2/16/2007      Height: 29.50     Coloring: Sooty Buckskin

After researching the internet and waiting patiently for two years, this is the Stud we choose to be our herd sire.  Impulse is a beautiful smoky/sooty buckskin.  He has the totally level topline, high set tail and long slender neck that everyone is looking for now. He should mature at approximately 30 inches. And look at this pedigree . Buckeroo everwhere....

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His Sire

Little Kings Boogie Buckeroo

Direct son of Boones Little Buckeroo

He's a direct son of Boones Little Buckeroo, and his dam is a King Supreme daughter. "Boogie" is the sire of many world grand and reserve grand champions in AMHA and AMHR. He is only 29" tall, but has the movement, color and style of a large horse. 

His Dam:

Boones BTU Sheza Dandy Too with Impulse

Direct daughter of BTU

This beautiful buckskin mare is a direct Daughter of AMHA World Great Grand Champion Senior Stallion, Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too, aka BTU. Her dam is a daughter of Boones Little Buckeroo, Boones Little Buckeroos Trinket. Now that is a top pedigree!!!! She is 32.50 inches tall with quality that shines every time you look at her.