2009 Foals

Show quality babies at a small  farm price
You might pay 2 to 3 times more at a larger farm, but you won't find better quality!  



1. Kilkenny's Utah's Rocky Mountain High 

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 Show Quality Buckskin Pinto Colt - Look at that color and look at those long legs!  This boy had a cannon bone of 7.75 and should mature at around 33 inches. He arrived into this world strong and independent.  He drives his mother crazy with his running around and refusing to stay quietly at her side.  He is friendly and already wanting to check out people who come into his world.  His daddy had beautiful motion and I am seeing signs that this boy can move, too. For sale $1500 

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His Sire: WeeOkie's Zippo Utah
 (Utah is for sale through WeeOkie Farms)
His Dam: CCC Thunders Cheyenne - Silver Bay

2. Kilkenny's Utah's Shady Lady

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Show Quality grulla or dark dun filly - This girl is beautiful, with that rare coloring that is in such high demand. She is delicate and refined with long legs and a pretty elegant trot.  She has a cannon bone of 7.50 and should mature at around 32 inches.  For sale $1000
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 Her Sire: WeeOkie's Zippo Utah (For sale through WeeOkie Farms)

Her Dam: Little Pegasus Magnificance